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Managing a commercial real estate portfolio of 30,000 m2 throughout Poland since 2004, we have built a strong network of relationships. Behind every space are people, and our priority is to thoroughly understand the needs of each tenant. Our extensive experience within various industries gives us a competitive edge, allowing us to perfectly match each property to the specific needs of the investors. We build trust and manage relationships with stakeholders, offering them transparency and quality.

Strategic property management

We achieve sustainable profits by investing in property and in the rental and sale of commercial real estate, land, apartments and houses with maximum efficiency and commitment.

Personalised and optimised solutions

We approach each investment individually, which allows us to implement specific solutions, identify the investment potential, reduce costs, and optimise operations. Our wide range of capabilities is the result of our knowledge of many industries, such as the public sector, sports, education, industry, and healthcare.

Conducting market analysis

Based on many years of experience and the analytical tools used, we know the current market trends and the details of how capital markets function. We support our customers throughout their journey, from making the right investment decision to ultimately taking possession of the property.

From recognising investment potential to a well-thought-out action strategy


When managing a real estate portfolio, optimisation is crucial, which means that standardisation of services and planning each stage of the process is key. By combining knowledge of the local and global market and keeping up-to-date with the latest information, we spot investment potential and reduce costs. What matters to us is transparency in our operations, maximising profits, and a carefully planned and implemented strategy.


Investments in preparation

Kurzy Młyn

Kurzy Młyn – We want this vintage commercial building located in the heart of the Chopin Park and the district of Arkońskie Niemierzyn to delight not only with its charm but also functional solutions.


Starzyńskiego 3 – Revitalization of a pre-war apartment building in the heart of the Szczecin Old Town hit the bull’s eye. It’s going to be a place where you can use offices and services in the premium standard.

From a broader perspective

Our companies and the sectors in which we operate

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